Case Study: Marietta College

Marietta College identified more than $40,000 in match-eligible donations in the first year of using 360MatchPro by Double the Donation.


donor engagement with matching gifts


industry standard email open rates

In this resource you will find:

The details of Marietta College's matching gift strategy implementing 360MatchPro by Double the Donation
Key matching gift success metrics from Marietta College's 360MatchPro results

The impact 360MatchPro matching gift automation has had on Marietta College's mission

What challenge was Marietta College trying to solve?

Marietta College previously pursued matching gift requests, but they did not meet their match potential without having a robust, automated outreach strategyMarietta College needed a solution that would allow them to identify match-eligible donors, drive their matching gift requests and create sustainable strategies using actionable insights.

How did Double the Donation help Marietta College address this challenge?

Marietta College was already using GiveCampus’s streamlined forms to successfully fuel fundraising efforts. With the 360MatchPro and GiveCampus integration, Marietta College could streamline the fundraising process by allowing donors to easily enter their employer name and receive a matching gift submission link and guidelines following their contribution. This automated process made it easy to find matching gift opportunities, then automate follow-up strategies. Automating the matching gift process took the guesswork out of this fundraising avenue, making it easier to drive results and save time. Once Marietta College began using 360MatchPro with their GiveCampus crowdfunding campaigns, they were able to see the immense impact between their donors’ current contributions and future opportunities for matching gifts.