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Grow Fundraising Revenue:
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The 360MatchPro Collection of Case Studies is a treasure trove of real-world stories that demonstrate the immense potential of matching gift automation. Dive into this collection of compelling user stories that showcase the achievements of nonprofits and educational institutions alike. 

Each case study offers an in-depth look at how these organizations leveraged matching gift automation to boost their revenue and further their missions. From streamlining workflows to enhancing donor engagement, these stories provide valuable insights and actionable strategies. Whether you're a nonprofit looking to increase your impact or an educational institution striving for financial growth, these case studies serve as a source of inspiration and guidance.



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Double the Donation is your partner in matching gift fundraising. With our expert resources and leading technology, we set fundraisers up for matching gift success.

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Why access 360MatchPro Case Studies?

  • Discover how 360MatchPro can grow fundraising for organizations like yours.

  • Gain insights from real-world success stories to boost your matching gift revenue.

  • Become inspired to develop actionable strategies to grow matching gifts.

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Learn how fundraisers unlock matching gift revenue.

“It’s so helpful to see firsthand how 360MatchPro has grown fundraising across different industries. With over 30 organizations included in just this resource, using 360MatchPro to automate matching gifts seems like a no-brainer!” 

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