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Access the Matching Gift Marketing Plan: Presentation Template

The Marketing Matching Gift Presentation Template is a comprehensive resource that enables your team to evaluate and improve your matching gift marketing efforts. Explore proven best practices and gain valuable insights into how the leading fundraisers market matching gift programs elevate their fundraising efforts. In this extensive resource, you can:

  • Access real, successful marketing materials to inform your matching gift strategy and increase chances of success.
  • Evaluate your existing matching gift marketing strategies to discover new opportunities to grow revenue.
  • Discover simple ways to present matching gift areas of growth to your team, leading to internal buy-in and increased fundraising potential.
  • and more!

    Whether you're looking to boost revenue, streamline your internal matching gift process, or enhance donor engagement, this template will inspire you to get started on your matching gift journey.
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Why access the Matching Gift Marketing Plan: Presentation Template?

  • Simplify the creation of a strategic marketing roadmap for leveraging matching gifts, ultimately increasing fundraising revenue for your organization.

  • Utilize a ready-made template to secure internal buy-in and present a well-structure plan that highlights the financial impact of matching gifts, fostering support from key stakeholders within your organization.

  • Benefit from a proven framework that outlines step-by-step strategies for promoting matching gifts effectively, ensuring that you maximize donor participation and capitalize on this often untapped source of fundraising revenue.

What your peers are saying:

Access leading materials with the Matching Gift Marketing Plan: Presentation Template

“The Marketing Matching Gift Presentation Template made it much easier for my team to understand how to grow matching gift fundraising. I’m so grateful I was able to access and share this resource!” 

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