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Introducing "10 Quick Steps to Matching Gift Success" – your shortcut to unlocking the full potential of matching gift fundraising. This concise and straightforward checklist is your go-to guide for kickstarting your journey towards maximizing corporate matching gifts.

In just 10 easy-to-follow steps, you'll navigate the ins and outs of matching gift programs, from initial setup to successful execution. Whether you're a fundraising novice or a seasoned pro, this resource is designed to streamline your efforts and ensure you're on the right track. Get ready to accelerate your fundraising potential and achieve greater financial sustainability with this essential tool. "10 Steps to Matching Gift Success" is the ideal starting point for nonprofits looking to make the most of this valuable revenue stream. Don't wait – grab your checklist and embark on your path to fundraising triumph today!

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Double the Donation is your partner in matching gift fundraising. With our expert resources and leading technology, we set fundraisers up for matching gift success.

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Why access the 10 Quick Steps to Matching Gift Success?

  • Discover quick and easy steps to grow fundraising revenue.
  • Develop an actionable plan to begin doubling donations at your organization.

  • Streamline matching gift strategies to increase funding without unnecessary effort.

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Double donations with quick and simple steps!

“This guide is a gamechanger for nonprofits. The Double the Donation team is always providing awesome resources, and this guide is no exception.” 

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